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Historical Textures of TranslationHistorical Textures of Translation:
Traditions, Traumas, Transgressions

Markus Reisenleitner and Susan Ingram (Editors)

Mille Tre Verlag, Vienna (Austria), 2012
ISBN 978-3-900198-30-5
204p, 17 × 23,5 cm, softcover
€ 33,-

Translation is a notoriously slippery term, connoting problems of fidelity and often overstretched metaphorically to include all manner of transpositions. The essays in this volume revisit translation from a cultural historical perspective in an attempt to demonstrate the disciplinary and conceptual limits within which the term still retains methodological meaningfulness.

Exploring the implications of translation being a key site for historically produced knowledge and meaning, and seeking to understand the extent of the role translation has played in processes of identity and community formation, affective belonging and imaginary homes, these essays draw on examples from Europe, Asia and the Americas, and situate texts and human practices in the complex web of translation in and between gendered representations, elite and popular discourses, textual and visual mediations, ethnically stereotyped cultural practices, and religious beliefs.

Table of Contents:

Part I: History and Memory

Becky R. Lee

The Historian as Translator of Past Cultures: Translation(s) of Margery Kempe and her Book

Joshua Synenko

Andreas Huyssen and the Genres of Historical Memory

Marlene Kadar

Unsavoury Subjects: The Naming of Hermine Braunsteiner

Part II: Translators

Diana Spokiene

Found in Translation: German Women Writers and Translation Practices Around 1800

Theresa Hyun

Translation Policy in North Korea: Foreign Imports and Self-Reliance

Lyse Hébert

Translational History and Practice in Cuba and Canada

María Constanza Guzmán

Jill Levine and the Spider Woman: Translation as Biography

Part III: Media

Susan Ingram

Schlingensief’s Container: Translating Europe in the Age of Media Spectacle

Markus Reisenleitner

Translating the Past, Digitally: Nostalgia, the City and the Digital Image in Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005) and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia (2008)

Jessica Tsui Yan Li

A Passage to Canada: Translation, Transnation, and Transfiguration in Iron Road