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Mille Tre Verlag Robert Schächter

Vienna (Wien), Austria

Founded 2004

We specialize in scientific literature, mainly in the fields of social sciences, cultural history and law.

Generally our books are in German language.

Currently we have two books in English language and two partially in English language in our program:

Markus Grassl und Cornelia Szabó-Knotik (Editors:)

Die Rückkehr der Denkmäler


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Markus Reisenleitner and Susan Ingram (Editors):
Historical Textures of Translation:
Traditions, Traumas, Transgressions


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Susan Ingram (Ed./Hg.):
Alternative Histories of Urban Consumption
Alternative Geschichten urbanen Konsums


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Armin J. Kammel:
The Law of International Banking Institutions
A Comparative Analysis


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You can order our books directly from us. Information about ordering and shipping procedures as well as shipping fees you will find when you follow the link order (bestellen) from the pages of the particular books. On pages in English language this link leads to an English-language order page.

List of available books

We also offer layout and typesetting services for authors who wish to self-publish their books.

As an independent project, The Dunyazad Digital Library offers e-books in English – please visit it at!

Mille Tre Verlag Robert Schächter

Saikogasse 9/19/4

1220 Wien


Phone +43.1.256 6560, +43.699.100 00 712

Fax +43.1.253 3033 8365


Bank account:

Bank Austria Creditanstalt, BLZ 12000

Account number 655 196 004 (Robert Schächter)


IBAN: AT69 1200 0006 5519 6004

PayPal account: [»]

European tax identification number (UID): ATU16676201

ISBN: 978-3-900198-xx-x

Robert Schächter

Scientific consultant:
ao. Univ.Prof. Dr. Cornelia Szabó-Knotik


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