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Kammel: The Law of International Banking InstitutionsThe Law of International Banking Institutions
A Comparative Analysis

Armin J. Kammel

Mille Tre Verlag, Vienna (Austria), 2005
ISBN 978-3-900198-06-0 (ISBN-10: 3-900198-06-3)
500p, 17 × 23,5 cm, Softcover
€ 59,40

Deutscher Text / German text

This book is intended to give an overview of selected banking laws in Europe, North America and South East Asia and to point out the extensive interrelations between international banking laws and international accounting harmonization.

The banking laws of Germany, Austria, Canada, the United States of America, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines are discussed in details and a comprehensive introduction to the laws of the seven central banks as well as to the respective national banking and financial industry is given.

Besides this, the book will underline the complexity of each banking law by referring to banking supervision legislation, other financial institutions of each country and in particular stress the interrelations between the banking law and bank accounting.

This book received the Austrian Banker's Association's Walther Kastner Award 2006.

Keywords: international banking law, financial institutions, laws of central banks, commercial banking laws, banking supervision, bank accounting, harmonisation of international banking laws.

Kammel's book on international banking does much the same work for bankers as the Rosetta Stone did for philologists. […] After carefully parsing his discussion, I enthusiastically recommend his analysis as a thorough and accurate introduction to the U.S. banking system. [...] Kammel's book should be a cornerstone for any comparative law library.

Christian A. Johnson,
Banking & Finance Law Review 22.1, 2006

Armin J. Kammel's much-anticipated review of The Law of International Banking Institutions – A Comparative Analysis is a remarkable achievement of both fact-finding scholarship and analysis. This comprehensive overview of the seven laws and accounting systems captured in this book makes it useful for jurisprudential as well as practical reading. It is highly recommended as it attributes its standing to a sound and progressive financial system. To this rapport, Kammel successfully makes serious arguments for policy makers facing challenges of today's globalization effects, academics and practitioners alike. This book is truly a lasting contribution.

Mrs. Pacharapan Roehrl
International Economics Department
Monetary Policy Group
Bank of Thailand

About the Author:

Mag. Dr. Armin J. Kammel is an expert in international banking law and capital markets. During his studies of law and economics at the universities in Graz, Vienna (Austria), Athens (Greece), Toronto (Canada) and Bangkok (Thailand), he has done intensive research on these subjects. Thanks to long discussions with and the support of international scholars in the field of international banking law, he was able to give a comprehensive overview of seven selected banking laws from three very different regions of the world: Europe, North America and South East Asia.

Apart from international banking law and capitals markets, Dr. Kammel is doing researches and publications in the fields of financial institutions and monetary economics with a special focus on the Theory of Optimum Currency Areas (OCA). Dr. Kammel had been a research assistant at the Institute of Austrian and International Commercial and Economic Law at the University of Graz with Prof. Jud and is now – besides various academic obligations – associate with the international law office Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner in Vienna.

Armin J. Kammel and Alfred Schramm are the authors of the book Grundriss des Devisenrechts (in German language)

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